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Principal R. Hernandez | Assistant Principal P. Yasenak

Sexual Health Education 2019-2020

Grades Kindergarten - 8th 


The CPS sexual health education curriculum builds a foundation of knowledge and skills for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. To help students make informed decisions and safe choices, the CPS curriculum covers topics such as human development, healthy relationships, decision making, abstinence, contraception and disease prevention.  According to the CPS Sexual Health Education Policy requires the following:

  • Schools must teach sexual health education every year (300 minutes/year in k-4th grade and 675 minutes/year in 5th-12th grades).

  • Every school MUST have two trained instructors who have completed the district's instructor training.

  • The CPS curriculum is medically accurate, age appropriate, and comprehensive.  It is also aligned with the National Sexuality Education Standards.

  • Schools must provide at least three forms of notification - at least one in writing - to inform parents/guardians that instruction will take place. Per Illinois state law, parents/guardians have the right to opt out their children.

  • CPS views parents/guardians as the primary educators of their children for sexual health.

For more information, download the CPS Sexual Health Education Policy (Spanish).

Sexual Health Education Resources:


Contact:  Elizabeth Hillyer, School Counselor

Email:  ehillyer@cps.edu

Pickard Elementary School

2301 W. 21st Place

Chicago, IL 60608

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